Victory Partners was founded on a single principle:  “Celebrate the Entrepreneur.”  Unlike many other Investment Banks or Private Equity Groups, our partners have ALL built successful companies in a variety of different industries. Our model is to partner with family companies, family offices, and wealthy families alike, all of whom have created and/or successfully exited their own operating company.

We seek to partner with management to build long-term enterprise value, whether or not some or all of the shareholders want to exit at the point we invest. It is with a mindset toward long-term investing and stability that we focus our energy.  We realize, just like you do, that strong economies breed lots of M&A activity, but only the strongest companies survive when a shake-up occurs.  We work hard to identify good opportunities to invest in or acquire companies that present strong fundamentals, solid growth opportunities, and lasting customer relationships, regardless of the shape of the balance sheet.  Our partners and our investors are very comfortable investing in companies possessing both strong and weak balance sheets.

Whether you seek growth capital or to develop a succession plan for yourself or your shareholders, we would enjoy the opportunity to discuss our firm, our mission, and our interest in your business with you directly.  We can work with shareholders, management, advisors, or all three as you see fit.

The Lineage Group: Family Office Advisory

Victory Partners recently has created a professional partnership with Cravens Brothers and Speer Kipp Group to bring an unmatched level of complete service to family companies, family offices, and wealthy families alike.

The Lineage Group is a syndication of 3 professional partnerships whose leaders have come together to leverage their vast experiences, networks and resources to better serve the ever-increasing needs of the affluent entrepreneurial operating family. Todd Lazenby, founding partner of Victory Partners, LLC, John Cravens, founding partner of Cravens Brothers, and Robert Kipp, founder and managing partner of The Speer Kipp Group PLLC, have all managed firms focused on mergers & acquisitions, investment banking, private equity, real estate, private wealth management, and tax driven strategies. They have identified an opportunity created by the boom in private wealth generation that combines their talents to offer these families best in class strategies for managing and growing wealth.

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