A diverse team of accomplished, seasoned professionals as principals that can boast its bankers having enjoyed both entrepreneurial accomplishments and Fortune 500 senior-level management outside of investment banking.


Victory Partners’ principals established the firm with a commitment to provide clients with a high level of attention, independent and objective advice, and creative solutions in challenging environments. 


Victory Partners is singularly focused on client needs and objectives, customizing  each engagement to achieve the desired outcome.

Investment Banking, Private Equity, & Family Office Advisory

Victory Partners is headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Asheville, North Carolina. As a non-traditional merchant banking firm, we operate across a broad financial spectrum, ranging from providing fee-based investment banking and family office advisory services to direct private equity investing under the Royal Ascot Partners banner. Our model is unique. We strive, through Victory’s affiliates and partnerships, to offer highly-customized solutions to wealthy families, family-owned businesses and family offices, partnering with them every step of the way to maximize opportunity and eliminate unnecessary risks.

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Victory Partners is not your typical fee-for-service Investment Bank. We operate under a Merchant Banking model catering to middle market companies with revenues typically ranging between $25 to $250 million. Clients benefit from the depth and complementary experience of senior professionals on the Victory team. Our expertise includes: merger and acquisition advisory services, capital raising, private equity transactions, restructurings, operational turn-arounds, business development, industry research, operations, and management consulting. Victory Partners represents unique, niche-oriented companies across a wide spectrum of industries.

Find out more about us on our Investment Banking page

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Royal Ascot Partners is the Private Equity affiliate of Victory Partners. Royal Ascot invests alongside wealthy families/family-offices it has established deep relationships with, making both control and minority investments in operating companies across many different industries. RAP’s model is to partner with family offices and wealthy families alike, all of whom have created and/or successfully exited their own operating company. Royal Ascot is a very active and hands-on investor and will seek to deploy one or more operating partner(s) into management positions in order to build long-term enterprise value, without an exit strategy in mind. It is with a mindset toward long-term investing, stability, and enterprise value that RAP focuses its energy.

Royal Ascot has recently partnered with JDG Capital for their next acquisition! Please visit www.jdgcapital.com for their current investment criteria.

The Lineage Group: Family Office Advisory

The Lineage Group is the Family Office Advisory affiliate of Victory Partners. TLG specializes in assisting family offices on investment banking and private equity, private wealth management, and tax and accounting strategies. This partnership has identified an opportunity created by the boom in private wealth generation over the last 20 years, to combine each firm’s talents and decades of experience to offer multi-generational wealthy families best in class strategies for managing and growing wealth. The Lineage Group’s founders have all advised ultra-high net worth families located throughout the southwest and mid-Atlantic states.

To learn more please visit the Family Office Advisory page

Why Victory Partners

One might ask, “What makes your firm uniquely qualified to invest with, represent, or assist us, our family, our partners, or our shareholders in maximizing value for one of our most prized assets?”  Simply put, our DNA and approach is very different- we celebrate the entrepreneur and all of our partners have first-hand experience in starting, running, and growing a company.

  • Our leaders possess non-traditional DNA  Our team members possess very diverse backgrounds and have excelled in their respective disciplines.  Each team member brings a unique perspective and set of life experiences to the table.  Most importantly, they have all personally taken risk as entrepreneurs, building or acquiring non-related businesses in their careers.  We believe that an investor or advisor cannot truly make a difference unless he or she has experienced first-hand the victories and defeats one earns by sitting in the captain’s chair.
  • We do not hire from industry  We do not want to inherit the bad habits others have learned from firms that practice a different approach to the business.  Our approach to recruiting is pain-staking.  We will spend several months sifting through hundreds of resumes, talking to dozens of highly qualified candidates to hire that one person who exemplifies leadership, integrity, compassion, critical reasoning, and communications skills and who, most importantly, fits our culture.
  • A Focus on strategy is key to our success  Whether outlining the strategy for a business to create a true, sustainable competitive advantage, or positioning a company to take advantage of short-term, impactful opportunities, we place a heavy emphasis on strategy.  This core belief allows us to properly evaluate management teams and their ability to execute, to identify the resource constraints or poor utilization of existing resources, and to develop high impact, results oriented strategies around the key issues.
  • We invest heavily in our people  We continuously cross-train our team to understand and adapt to an ever-changing business environment.  As part of our rigorous recruiting process, we ensure that our team members already possess the technical prowess to be successful.  As such, we focus our training efforts on the development of communications skills, negotiating to a “win-win,” understanding what it means to have “board room presence,” looking at understanding real world situations to develop creative, long-lasting solutions, and most importantly, anticipating every curve-ball that life throws one’s way.
  • We work in teams  Everything our team does, we do together.  We succeed, or fail, as a group.  Once we cross the transom into work mode, we check our egos at the door and focus our efforts on team actualization and success.
  • We are never afraid to take on a challenge or roll up our sleeves  There is no task too daunting or menial that cannot be tackled with pride and exuberance.  We place strong emphasis on a company’s ability to “block and tackle” first, believing that the game is always won at the line of scrimmage.  Drawing on our own experiences as entrepreneurs in the arena, we have gone so far as to personally run companies in the short-term, identify ways to shore-up capital within an organization, manage sales or project pipelines directly, develop better pricing and costing models, negotiate vendor agreements and important alliances, budget cash needs, overhaul systems and processes, and work with outside constituents (lenders, taxing authorities, recalcitrant investors, difficult customers, or non-performing VAR’s)

Victory Partners’ 5 Key Tenents to Success

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Celebrate the Entrepreneur
Our great economy garnered its roots from those entrepreneurs who dared to dream, those whose faces have been mired with blood and sweat, not fearing the arena in which they were engaged.

Hands on Approach

Hands On Approach
There is no task too daunting or menial that cannot be tackled with pride and exuberance.  We place strong emphasis on a company’s ability to “block and tackle” first, believing that the game is always won at the line of scrimmage.

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Check Our Egos at the Door
None of us were sitting on the fortunes of our forefathers when we set out to build a world class firm.  We have earned our reputation the old fashioned way, through hard work, perseverance, and truly understanding entrepreneurialism.

Rugby Team

Team Approach
Everything our team does, we do together.  We succeed, or fail, as a group.  Once we cross the transom into work mode, we check our egos at the door and focus our efforts on team actualization and success

Results Focus

Focus on Results
Our  philosophy is one that comes from utilizing a broad set of experiences to create a laser focus on the optimum outcome and removing fear from the equation.  Through this approach, we have built a reputation for taking the impossible and turning it into reality, time and time again.

Choose Victory Partners

Let us show you how our highly-skilled diverse team can provide exceptional service, creativity, and dedication working for you to achieve results our clients expect from a true “Partner.”