Victory Partners is Proud to Sponsor our Annual Interactive M&A Symposium

Each year, our firm hosts this event alternating between Baltimore/Washington, DC and Dallas, Texas, inviting noted professionals from all disciplines of the mergers and acquisitions arena to assist companies in answering complex questions that occur every day in one’s business

Our symposium is highly interactive, driven by audience preparedness and participation. Borrowing from Socrates, our firm develops a unique case study that is sent out in advance of the event, and no one is unsusceptible to questions from the panel or moderator. Likewise, all questions from the audience are fair game.

Our focus is simple. We want to educate our entrepreneurial friends on the do’s and don’ts of capitalizing a business, creating the business’s sustainable strategy, creating a succession plan, granting equity or options to key individuals, developing corporate governance plans, entering into partnerships or alliances that can be restrictive, targeting, financing, and closing acquisitions, developing a sound exit strategy, buying-out minority partners, dealing with and managing investor relationships, managing bank relationships, dealing with key customer accounts, and dealing with important vendor relationships….all with the intent to create an ultimate liquidity event that works for all of the company’s stakeholders. Everyone goes home a winner!